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I live in Miami. I love all things books. Book stores, libraries, book fairs, used book stores and anything else you can imagine. I also enjoy music. My ipod has everything from Paul Simon to Lady Gaga to Bob Dylan to Jay Z and The Tossers (Google them). I like exploring my backyard as well as major cities. I have yet to travel abroad, but one day I will, and then watch out world.

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Happy Birthday #SesameStreet!!

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  • Me: oh man this is easy
  • Me: im bored
  • Me: why am i starting to get tired already
  • Me: need water
  • Me: how long has it been?
  • Me: ONLY 8 MINUTES?! BS!!
  • Me: okay im not gunna look at the time for this whole song
  • Me: SHIT i looked
  • Me: i hate this song
  • Me: i hate THISSS
  • Me: am i skinny yet
  • Me: omg 2 more minutes. im gonna die. im gonna die.
  • *after*
  • Me: that was awesome lets do it again!!!


Fan Art of the Day: An Illustrated Tribute to Tom Hanks

Check out Los Angeles-based animator Jeff Victor’s illustrated tribute to the iconic American actor Tom Hanks.

Image Description:

Allen Bauer, Splash (1984) Josh Baskin, Big (1988) Detective Scott Turner, Turner & Hooch (1989) Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump (1994) Jim Lovell,Apollo 13 (1995) Voice of Woody, Toy Story (1995) Captain Miller, Saving Private Ryan (1998) Chuck Noland, Cast Away (2000) Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code (2006)

This would be my gift if I celebrated Christmas, every year, from every single person.

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Mind Map #5: [Why tea is so very magical]

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Jim Henson || September 24, 1936 - May 16, 1990

Hello from my Kindle Fire!!


Internet Grammar


Poster(s): The Muppets


Thank you for that third option, Disney marketing team.

Thank you.

This is awesome!

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